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NBC Orders Third Season of 'Will & Grace' Revival

The first season of the Will & Grace revival hasn't even ended its television run yet, but NBC has already ordered a third season of the hit show. The show, which returned to television screens last September, has proven to be one of the most successful television revivals that we've seen... Read More

RECIPE: Rustic Antipasto Flatbread

Create a memorable old world moment for your friends and family with this simple-to-prepare rustic flatbread. It’s layered with authentic sliced Italian salami and cheese baked golden and delicious garnished with prosciutto and a colorful assortment of Italian antipasto marinated artichokes,... Read More

This is the reason we all adore Jennifer Garner

Yes, she's a super glamorous movie star and rich as Roosevelt so why is it that women all over America find her relatable? She's not afraid to keep it real. In more ways than one. She'll show off her most embarrassing moments. A post shared by Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner) on She's not afraid... Read More

Warning: Baby Monitors Can Be Hacked Easily

Technology is great! Instead of just listening to what's going on in our baby's room, we can now watch them on our phones with high-tech baby monitors. Cool, right? Not so much when this technology is easily hackable. There's a new warning out to parents about specific devices hackability. This... Read More

Five Tips For Preventing That St. Patrick's Day Hangover

Did you know St.Patrick's Day is the fourth largest drinking holiday in the United States? All the green beer, Irish whiskey, and other festive drinks can start to add up fast leaving you with the WORST hangover ever! I have found as I get older that even the littlest bit of over-indulgence can... Read More

Do you think leaf blowers should be banned?

Everyone likes a nice looking lawn, but do you know anyone who adores the sound made by a leaf blower? Remember when your mom would make you rake the leaves in the yard? And you were game because that meant you could jump in the pile of your labor before shoving them all into a bag. Lawns were... Read More

Music Icons To Appear on Elton John Tribute Album

Earlier this year, Elton John announced that his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Tour will be his final series of live engagements. His retirement from the touring life coincides with a GRAMMY tribute concert, set to air next month. Additionally, Elton recruited some of music’s biggest stars to record... Read More

Angela Bassett Makes Me Want to Get My Groove Back

I'm not sure exactly when or where I lost it, but it's definitely missing. And seeing Angela last night on Colbert was a bigtime reminder of how much I actually miss it. Take a look and you'll see what I mean. Remind yourself while you're watching that this woman is FIFTY-NINE. Video of Angela... Read More