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Nicest "No Thank You, I don't want to be on TV" note ever written

Tom Mouse Smith is a 12 year old singer/songwriter who was invited to appear on Britain's Got Talent (with his entire musical family) and perform in front of the one and only Simon Cowell and he said thank you, but no. Why? You can read the note for yourself below. Didn't know where to send this... Read More

Sting or a big plate of BBQ?

A strange choice you're probably thinking, but keep reading and I promise it will make sense. You know that feeling when you wake up thinking the highlight of your day is going to be gorging yourself at The Salt Lick (which is awesome, btw, and if you're new to Austin and haven't been yet it's a... Read More

Is this Taylor Swift?

How well do you think you know Taylor Swift's face? If you saw a photo that looked like her, how would you be sure that it was REALLY Taylor. For example, would you say this is Taylor Swift? A post shared by April (@april_gloria) on Feb 9, 2017 at 1:41pm PST What about this? A post shared by April... Read More

What's THE best thing about living in Austin?

What's the best city to call home in America? Well, if you believe U.S. News & World Report (or you live here) the answer is Austin, Texas! While most Austinites will agree immediately, they might not agree on the one thing they love best about The Live Music Capital of the World. Here's a... Read More

Do you know the name of tonight's full moon?

Did you know that every full moon has a name? That's because Native American tribes used the different full moons to keep track of the seasons. January's full moon is called the Wolf Moon since the hungry wolf packs could be heard howling loudly by the tribes. February's full moon is called the... Read More

Have you ever stolen your co-worker's lunch from the fridge?

Ryan left his lunchbox behind here in the studio. Sheryl, clearly, did not touch it so when I arrived it was just sitting here in the studio. Looking at me, like this: So, the question is, when is it okay to eat the leftovers out of your co-workers forgotten lunchbox? I'm thinking whenever I want,... Read More