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Today is Dedicated to Michael Shannon's Selfie Face.

Michael is a rare bird, a complex kaleidoscope of qualities. You may have heard him called peculiar, eccentric and off-beat. I think he's kind of a cross between, Willem Defoe, John Malkovich and a surfer dude. The other day some fans in New York asked if they could take selfies with him and he... Read More

Fair Warning: Gerard Will Kiss And Tell

Plead the Fifth on Andy Cohen's show is a lot of fun. But normally he asks a question you really want the answer to and it doesn't get answered. Gerard Butler clearly did not understand how the game is played, that the questions get harder to answer so if you plead the fifth early you're in danger... Read More

This is why Jon Bon Jovi was the last guy to use social media

He says Fred Flintstone had social media before he did. Last night Colbert asked him how that could be, because surely his kids pushed him into using social media. But it was quite the opposite. Hello world. Is this thing on? #BetterLateThanNever pic.twitter.com/okSbqPGcBm — Jon Bon Jovi (@... Read More

The Dress Alison Brie Wore Last Night is Divine.

If you're anything like me, you think the best thing about awards season is all the gorgeous clothes that come out of the closet to play. Remember Peter's long suffering wife, Trudy, from Mad Men ? She's currently in a Netflix series about wrestling called GLOW and, she had quite a moment last... Read More

Before you ask for a raise, do this one thing.

It’s not enough to tell your boss, ‘Look, you know I do a great job here every day. Now it’s time to show you know that in my paycheck.’ He may very well agree with you. But your boss is not always the final decision maker, right. Maybe he has to convince his boss, or the big boss at corporate HQ... Read More

Annie Lennox is feeling festive for a reason.

Some songs are more than just music. They are time machines, transporting you to a place and time you haven't seen in years. Or, they are old friends, wrapping you in a warm blanket right when you're feeling chilly. And sometimes they are just happy pills, filling you with a burst of energy... Read More

My Extra Special (& Super Easy) Frozen Margarita Recipe!

You might not immediately think to serve frozen margaritas at your holiday party, but you should. People love 'em. They're sweet and tart, very refreshing and since they kind of look like snow they're a fun holiday treat. And it's not complicated to make a truly delicious margarita. No need to fret... Read More

The Ocean's 8 Trailer is everything you need on a day like today.

You're tired, you're stressed out, you're tired of feeling stressed out. Ugh. We're all feeing it. Time to take a pause and escape, even if it's just for two and a half minutes. Sandy, Mindy, Cate, RiRi, Anne, Helena, Sarah, and Awkwafina (I know you don't know her yet, but you will love her) are... Read More

Rob Lowe Did Something So Sweet, You Are Gonna Love Him Even More!

These wildfires in California have been absolutely devastating. I think each of us knows someone personally or knows of someone who had to evacuate their homes and leave everything behind. And the men and women whose profession it is to get a grip on this widespread devastation have the toughest,... Read More