What would you do if you went to buy a tree and Jon Snow carried it to your car?

December 12, 2017

Would you freak out silently inside while saying thank you and offering an appropriate tip? Or would you go full on fan girl. Well, it's too bad you weren't in Scotland over the weekend at Wardhill Castle Christmas Trees shop because Jon Snow (aka Kit Harrington) was there helping people carry their newly purchased trees to their cars.



Kit at the Wardhill Castle! #kitharington #jonsnow #gameofthrones #wardhill #castle #christmas #winter

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Personally, I'm not a fan of the man bun; however, for Kit Harrington, at Christmastime, I'm willing to make the once a year exception. And this is not exactly as random as it seems. Wardhill Castle in Aberdeenshire is owned by the parents of his fiancé, Rose Leslie (yes, aka, Ygritte). And they live in the area so you can see how he might have decided to lend a hand at his future in-laws establishment. Something else that's rather interesting -- if you want to stay at the castle, you can. Sure it's expensive but they rent it out kind of like a hotel throughout the year. It would be a marvelous place to get married and have your nearest and dearest with you. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Fantastic weekend at Wardhill Castle (half hour from Aberdeen)...worth a trip! #wardhill #marmos30th

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Lovely visit to Wardhill Castle to explore the Kirkton of Rayne Christmas shop ---- . . . . . #wardhillcastle #wardhill #aberdeenshire #kirktonofraynechristmasshop #castle #christmas #sundayfunday #reindeer #scotland #scotspirit #visitaberdeenshire #bestofourshire #ig_uk #instascotland #countryside #ig_countryside #ig_captures #instabritain #capturingbritain #igersuk

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Somewhere beautiful to work on a cold and frosty morning! #scottishwinter #castlelife #visitscotland #scotland #winteriscoming #winterwonderland #desk

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Charming, right? And it's beautiful in the summer or the snow. There are rumors that's where Kit and Rose will tie the knot and it really would be sweet if they do. She was born there and has spoken of it fondly in interviews so it has to hold a special place in her heart.