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Where is the best place to hide gifts?

Nine out of ten parents will hide gifts from their children this year and the spot you used last year might not be the best one this year. The most popular places to hide gifts are the top of the closet and under the bed. But just because they're popular doesn't make them the best choice! In fact,... Read More

Two Smitten Kittens Spent a Night at the Museum

You might have heard last month that they were seen at dinner together, but she's also been seen out and about with Bobby Flay and others so you might not have taken it that seriously. However, last night it became official. Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost are an item. They went to the 2017... Read More

This Single Woman in her Family XMAS Portrait Has Gone Viral

Everyone wants to be coupled up, right. But this desire seems to reach a fever pitch approaching and during the holidays. No one wants to go to the party stag. And if your annual tradition involves sending out your version of "The Geller Yeller" you might feel bummed if you don't have something... Read More

Guess Who's Getting Married....Again?!

It was March of 2014 when they "consciously uncoupled" and the rest of us are still trying to figure out what that even means. But Gwyneth has had a new man in her life for a while now and they are getting married! His name is Brad Falchuk and he's a writer/producer who famously co-created GLEE ... Read More

Christina's Tribute to Whitney Houston Last Night Was EVERYTHING

In fact, the only thing more wonderful than enjoying her incredible performance is watching the audience reactions, who clearly understood what an incredible moment they were experiencing -- brows furrowed and focused, eyes closed, hands over hearts. Amazing from start to finish. Take a break and... Read More

What Ed did when he bumped into Hugh, will shock you.

First, a warning: this is NSFW. Now that's out of the way -- if you ever lived in New York, you know that in a city of 8 million people you actually do run into people you know on the street. And it's usually really fun because it seems so incredibly random. So when Hugh bumped into Ed in NYC, this... Read More