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Kevin Hart is serious about helping Texans

Kevin Hart has thrown down the guantlet challenging his famous friends (by name!) to support the devastated families in Texas by giving financially to the relief and recovery efforts. He donated $25,000 already and he wants his buddies to join in spreading the help. I'm calling this the Hurricane... Read More

Houston man catches a fish swimming in his living room.

Amid all the flood damage and confusion, people are not without a much needed sense of humor! Video of Houston man catches fish in home flooded by Hurricane Harvey. 1:Y'all aren't letting me save my battery through this storm 2:We're all safe & ok no one got electrocuted 3:What else is there to... Read More

Wait, what?! Did I Just Announce I Have Got New Music for you!

She's been teasing us since last week when she wiped clean all of her social media and we were like, What. Is. Going. On. So when we weren't thinking about the solar eclipse, we were wondering what Taylor was up to. Then she started leaving us mysterious clues, deliberately making the anticipation... Read More

This is Why Mel B Walked off 'AGT' During Live Show Last Night

Have you ever crossed over the line so far, that you can't even see the line? So far, in fact, that the line might look like a dot? It's not a good feeling for sure and I suspect Simon regrets this morning what he said about Mel B's wedding night during the live show last night. Take a look: Video... Read More

This is Why John Stamos is Aging Backwards.

I don't know if you noticed, but he celebrated his birthday over the weekend and just looking at him would you be able to accurately guess his age? I didn't think so. Seems like John Stamos is aging backwards, Benjamin Button style, and here's why: Full, gorgeous head of hair. Check. (Okay, so he's... Read More