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3 Reason Why This Is My New Favorite Summer Lipstick

I used to live in NYC and work for the largest beauty company on the planet (hint: HQ in Paris) so I like to think I know a thing or two about really good beauty products. It's not everyday you run across something that really makes an impression so when it happens, one tends to be excited to share... Read More

3 Reasons why this is the age when you're too old to go clubbing.

It's official. The exact age at which you are too old to go clubbing has been determined. It doesn't happen all at once, it kind of sneaks up on you beginning around age 31 -- that's the age when research says you start feeling like you'd rather catch a James Bond marathon and paint your toenails... Read More

This is the reason Celine Dion has such epic style.

The first thing you think of when someone mentions Celine Dion is that miraculous voice. It has the power to make you feel anything it wants to and we are, all of us, only to willing to let it happen. And while she's always been so familiar to us there's so much about her we have yet to learn. She... Read More

Want to see Erin Andrews' wedding dress?

It's seriously gorgeous. A lot of times famous people choose dresses that you want to salivate over, but in the end you're like, meh. They can often be overdone and resemble a big meringue. But Erin's dress is a Carolina Herrera and it's simplicity speaks volumes. A post shared by Erin Andrews (@... Read More

You eliminated who?!

Your jaw may have been on the floor last night when you found out which couple was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars. People were not having it. Idc if David Ross has a nice personality, this is a DANCING competition and the best dancer should win. Simone got robbed. #DWTS — lauren-- (@... Read More