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Have you got a tattoo you regret? So does Jennifer.

Jennifer Lawrence calls herself a middle school drop out, but she doesn't regret that because it enabled her to have the career she has today. She was on 60 Minutes yesterday talking about her new movie and how she got into acting. What she does regret is a tattoo she got at the same time her... Read More

Bill Gates has no idea how much rice costs at the grocery store

You and I go to the grocery store every week, but people who have buckets of money do not. They have other people fetch their groceries. So while they may have a handle on the total bill (or at least the monthly bill), they have no idea what individual items cost. Bill Gates is a terrific example... Read More

Is he already married?!!

Do you see a ring on this finger? Okay, good, I don't either, but take a look at this video from a performance last night. A post shared by Ed Sheeran- Febuary 17 1991 -- (@edismylifegoal) on That looks an awful lot like a gold wedding band on his left hand. Could it be an engagement ring? For sure... Read More

The one thing we can all learn from Fergie

If you saw her performance over the weekend you probably thought -- most definitely a 'what was she thinking' moment. You know how sometimes you have an idea and you float it by a friend and they say, 'Yeah, yeah, that'd be great.' But then as you move forward with it and talk to some people who... Read More

Would you get married on a Tuesday? She did.

I'm always so impressed when anyone famous is able to get married in secret. It seems to be such a difficult thing to do in the Hollywood world. And nobody saw this one coming. It helped that she got married on a Tuesday, but still. A post shared by @amyschumer on A post shared by @amyschumer on... Read More

The lift that's too sexy for the Olympics

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are on track to become as legendary as Torvill and Dean. If you haven't seen what they can do on the ice, you really must. It's extraordinary. Their timing and synchronicity is impressive, their choice in music unexpected and their creativity on the ice is innovative --... Read More