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Tom Brady Kissed His Son and the Internet Freaked Out

I'm not a Tom Brady fan. At all. I believe he and the Patriots are bigtime cheaters. And this internet documentary he put together to promote his awesomeness is not my cup of tea but I can't help notice it has put his family under scrutiny. People are always going to have opinions on what you show... Read More

Dennis Edwards, Lead Singer of the Temptations, Dead at 74

Dennis Edwards , the lead singer of the legendary Motown group the Temptations , has died at age 74. Family members confirmed Edwards’ passing today (Feb. 2), just one day before what would have been his 75th birthday, reports Rolling Stone . No cause of death has yet been revealed. Edwards joined... Read More

Woof! You Can Swipe Right to Help Puppies On Tinder This Weekend

You may find an adorable puppy begging you to swipe right as you scroll through Tinder this weekend. No, we're not kidding. We mean an ACTUAL puppy could be on your phone begging for "a like." The best part? You could HELP that puppy (and his/her shelter friends) if you do swipe right. We know you... Read More
Eric Clapton

WATCH: Eric Clapton Recently Played Two European Shows

It's now well known that guitar legend ERIC CLAPTON has declared an end to any kind of large-scale touring. The combination of aging, nagging physical ailments, and the desire not to do any more globetrotting all factored in to his decision to scale things back. However, EC will still make some... Read More

When is Dave going to shave that beard?

Last summer Tom Brokaw asked Dave if something was nesting inside that beard of his. Totally legit question. That beard today is even longer and seems like a joke in and of itself. Clearly Letterman couldn't care less what everyone thinks of his appearance (and more power to him, btw) but we can... Read More

RECIPE: Buffalo Chicken Pizza -- In Honor of National Pizza Day!

Everything you love about crispy chicken tossed in a buttery, hot-and-spicy Buffalo sauce piled on a golden bubbly cheese pizza garnished with crumbled bleu cheese, fresh-chopped green onions and even more zesty Buffalo sauce. Why Try? Because nothing beats the bold craveable flavor combination of... Read More

Why Getting Into 'Proposal Shape' Is the Latest Wedding Trend

The latest wedding trend might seem like a bit of a stretch, however, it seems most brides to be are now getting into proposal shape. Sure, we've heard of wedding diets, but the new race down the aisle will cost you. According to the New York Post , when Princess Eugenie of York was rumored to get... Read More