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Exciting News!! We'll Be Seeing More Of Christine Haas !!

It's only been a year since award winning journalist and news anchor Christine Haas returned to Austin to anchor the 5pm and 9pm Evening news on Fox 7!!    In that short amount of time , the city has welcomed her back with open arms!  Christine is not only a great anchor , but a gifted and passionate reporter too!  Now for some exciting news!  We will be getting a double dose of Christine Haas !!  Not only will she be anchoring at 9pm, she will also be anchoring the new Fox 7 News at 10pm!!  Tune in tonight and catch Christine doing what she does best!   To find out more about Christine Haas just click on this link!!

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08/12/2014 12:04PM
Exciting News!! We'll Be Seeing More Of Christine Haas !!
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07/17/2015 5:42PM
Her Character
She is a fraud. She rips people off in her personal life. What a revolting person. And it is sad that she is a parent too. I feel sorry for her child
10/30/2015 11:47AM
Re: her character
Tell me what Christine Haas did to you. I have just had an experience with her that fits your description.
10/30/2015 10:29PM
Yeah, she rips people off, plays it like she is all nice. BS!! B**** who is dishonest and a liar. Low life person, probably has some personal problems and she let others suffer for her unhappiness.
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