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I Love My Allergy Drops!!

My allergy drops and carrying case from Texan Allergy!  

After 7 years of suffering from seasonal allergies, I finally decided that 2013 was the year to do something about it!  First things first, I hate shots!!  One of the reasons I put off getting treatment for my allergies was the fear of allergy shots.  I also did not feel I wanted to deal with weekly appoitments to get the shots.  I'm busy just like you are and I didn't want the inconvenience of it.

All of this changed when I found out about Texan Allergy!  They told me about their Allergy drops that can be used to treat allergies.  The great thing about these drops is that I can take them with me and there is no need for weekly appointments to get them.  This was great news.  I also found out that the test for my allergies would only take 90 minutes, not hours or weeks.   Last month I went in for my test which was painless and comfortable.  I was tested for 58 different local allergens and I found out in less than 2 hours what I was allergic to.

My arm during my allergy tests at Texan Allergy.  

I found out I am not allergic to cedar or ragweed, which I thought I was, but  I am highly allergic to molds and dust mites!  I now take 3 drops a day under my tongue!  That's it and I already feel the difference.
Don’t let anyone in your family suffer from allergies anymore. Set an appointment today with Texan Allergy with locations all around Austin.  You can call them at 686-5068 or vist their website for more information.  Start feeling better today!!

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03/03/2013 8:32PM
I Love My Allergy Drops!!
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