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Nearly Impossible Question Week of 10/27/14
10/29 - A third of women do this at least twice a day. What? THE ANSWER: THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT MEN! 10/28 - What compliment do men never get tired of hearing? THE ANSWER: HOW STRONG THEY ARE! 10/27 - 10% of us have met our" significant other"...
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Nearly Impossible Question Week of 10/20/14
10/24 - The average person uses this 8 times a month. What is it? THE ANSWER: YOUR HOME PHONE! 10/23 - "25% of people do this after buying a car. What is it?" THE ANSWER: THEY NAME IT! 10/22 - 58% of men do this with their significant other even...
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Nearly Impossible Question Week of 10/13/14
10/15 - The average person does this 3 times a day, what is it? THE ANSWER: WASH THEIR HANDS! 10/14 - 6 in 10 people keep one of these in their car. What is it? THE ANSWER: AN UMBRELLA!! 10/13 - . We will spend approximately $70,000 dollars on...
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Nearly Impossible Question Week of 10/06
10/10- . By the end of the year you'll receive close to 600 of these. What? THE ANSWER; JUNK MAIL! 10/9 -66% of women would rather receive this than a wedding proposal. What is it? THE ANSWER: A JOB PROMOTION. 10/8 - Half of us haven't changed...
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10/1 Nearly Impossible Question
10/3 -  A new survey reveals that guys admit to doing THIS about 12 times a year while women say they’ll do it about 100 times a year. What is it? THE ANSWER:  CHECK THEIR HOROSCOPE! 10/2 - In a survey of bosses, this impresses them...
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Nearly Impossible Question Week of 9/22/14
9/26 - "50% of pet owners claim their dog enjoys doing this. What is it?'' THE ANSWER: WATCH TV 9/25 - 33% of the population claims to be what? THE ANSWER:  SINGLE! 9/24 - 19% of people wish they could change this about their...
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Here are today's \" Wet Nose Wednesday\" pets of the week. Mister is an adorable 6 year old dog and Hailey is a 1 year calico kitty. Find out more about them and their friends at
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