Majic Mornings w/ Ryan - Weekdays 5:30am to 10am
Check out Ryan, our newest member to the Majic 95.5 family.                                        
Sheryl Stewart - Weekdays 10am to 3pm
Sheryl starts her day off with COFFEE…and then more coffee. She also cannot leave the house without a goodbye kiss from her man or she'll have a terrible day without it.
Juliet - Weekdays 3p to 7pm
Juliet takes her coffee very black and gets real disappointed if she wakes up to find none in the house. She wants to be the kind of person who goes to yoga and meditates every day, but that hasn’t happened yet. Her most beloved piece of home decor are carved and polished cypress tree stump tables created by an artist in Marfa. She adores movies, in the theater or at home, and if there’s an emotional scene on the screen she’ll need tissues for sure.