Ed Sheeran

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Ed Sheeran Tells Us About His Favorite Foods & More

Ed Sheeran is criss-crossing the United States for stops on his ÷ Tour, so we caught up with the 26-year-old singer to find out what he eats when he is on the road in our EXCLUSIVE video. Yes, Sheerios, it turns out that Ed loves a certain fast food chain, and he also has a bit of a sweet tooth. We...
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Your closest friends wouldn't do this for you. But Jamie did it for Ed.

When Ed Sheeran was first starting out in his career, Jamie Foxx helped him out bigtime. Think of your closest friends and imagine asking them if you could come and stay for a couple of weeks. Big imposition, right? Now think of asking them if you could stay for six weeks! Yes, Jamie let Ed stay...
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WATCH: 6 Amazing Artists Who Have Covered Adele's Music

Adele turns 29 today, but what could we possibly give the 15-time Grammy award winner to celebrate her birthday? She has given us so many gifts already. So we're giving her the gift of her own music. Yes, we are marking the occasion with some of our favorite artists covering Adele's hit songs...
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