Check Out This List of Some of the Worst Baby Names Ever

A new list of terrible baby names goes viral on the web every year. I swear that the names on these lists keep getting worse ever year. If you are struggling to find a name for the bundle of joy that will make their arrival in just a few short months there are books, websites , and there are even...
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Man Sends Adorable Birthday Cards to the Dog He Got With His Ex

Romantic relationships may end, but the love between a man and his dog will last forever. That's true for one man from Texas whose birthday card to the dog that he got with his ex has gone viral. Rebecca and Juan "Frankie" Hernandez were high school sweethearts, who got married in their early 20s...
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Should Parents Demand to See Their Kid's College Grades?

Do you ask your college-aged kids about their grades? We came across a column that was posted on the Washington Post's website today that has us wondering about that very topic. The author's controversial opinion surely has the internet talking. Columnist Judy Mollen Walters says that she has met...
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LOOK: Little Girl Wanted a Poop-Themed Birthday Party and It Was Actually Adorable

When you ask a 2-year-old girl what theme she’d like to have for her upcoming birthday party, you assume she’ll want something like a princess or Disney-themed party, right? Well, that wasn’t the case for Audrey, a 2-year-old toddler from St. Louis. “For months, every time we mentioned her party,...
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Which Baby Names Are in Danger of Becoming Extinct in 2017?

Every three months or so there's a new story out about baby names and trends. They usually cover what the hot new baby names are at that moment. Baby names, of course, have been impacted by pop culture and other trending things each year. All of these new names mean that some more traditional first...
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