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Instagram Might Bring The Chronological Feed Back

Don’t you dare get our hopes up, Instagram! Word on the street is Instagram is considering reverting back to showing posts in your feed in chronological order. The app, owned by Facebook, switched over to an algorithm-based feed in 2016. That feed shows you posts that the algorithm has decided to...
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5 Reasons why you need to follow Kate Beckinsale on Insta right now.

I don't follow many celebs on Instagram. Most of them haven't quite figured out how to use it in a way that keeps me engaged (yeah, I'm lookin' at you, Kevin Spacey). But Kate Beckinsale is one to watch and here's why: 1. She's funny AF. She has a wicked sense of humor which makes me think if we...
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Should Instagram Put A Stop To Accounts Made For Pets?

I know many people who have pets that have their own Instagram accounts. Some of those pets have their own Facebook pages too. Is that OK? I love my cats. I post a lot of videos of them on personal account. However, I have a hard enough time managing my personal accounts. So I wouldn’t have the...
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