How You Can Help Animals Affected By Hurricane Harvey

_informq.push(['embed'>); Hurricane Harvey has caused catastrophic damage throughout Texas, and thousands of animals have been affected by the storm. We have seen it all: from police herding cattle to higher ground to a hawk landing in a taxi cab to escape flood waters. In fact, we even saw a dog...
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Look Inside: This Goat With a Human Face Will Freak You Out

Today's viral animal video is showing a super creepy goat with a human-like face.
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Scientists Have Finally Figured Out Why Your Dog Looks Guilty

Your dog does something wrong, and he responds by giving you a really sad look. Those really sad eyes with his head leaning down quite a bit. If you have a dog, you know this situation all too well. Animal behaviorists have called it an "apology bow." We love seeing these photos when we enjoy...
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