The Hottest Toys of The Upcoming Holiday Season Are ALREADY Selling Out

We’re a week away from Halloween, but we have bad news for parents this Holiday season. The hottest toys of the 2017 holiday season are ALREADY selling out at retailers across the country.
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Fidget Spinners Have Apparently Been Around for Centuries?

This has been, without question, "the summer of the fidget spinner." You can't go down the street for two blocks without seeing kids and their individualized spinner toys. So the spinner phenomenon really came out of nowhere, huh? Well, maybe not. Check out this recent tweet from Arielle Pardes at...
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FBI Issues Privacy Warning About Popular Toys

There are so many amazing toys hitting the shelves this season, but the FBI has a warning about internet-enabled toys . Hackers could gain access to the wifi connected toys to collect data that could put your child at risk. In an advisory on their website, the FBI said these toys have GPS,...
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