When Turkey's Attack!!

I saw this video on the "Ellen" show the other day and I think it is hilarious!!  This turkey had been chasing joggers in the neighborhood and a local news reporter came out to cover the story.   Check out  her video below.   I might just have chicken for Thanksgiving this year!   Angry turkeys are  not to be messed with!  
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Magazine is a Broken iPad

The baby girl in this video is a pretty accurate commentary on the future generation and their capacity to understand technology while failing to comprehend the simple things. Even at such a young age, she knows how to use her father's iPad, butflipping through a magazine is a huge challenge.
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Girls of Every Age Love Brad Pitt!!

Happy Wednesday!!  I saw Moneyball this past weekend with my daughter Katie and we both agree Brad Pitt is a cutie!!   So does this adorable little girl!!   Enjoy!!
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