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Hold the butter....

Paula Deen knows how to work a stick of butter in just about any recipe, but do you like her style? If you said yes, you will be happy to know that Paula is working on a clothing line. Not many details available, but you figure it should have some comfort room to it, since she is the Queen of Southern Fried, Buttered, Sugared and everything else that is SO BAD, BUT YUMMY GOOD EATS!!
 Check out what actor Jonah did to Paula.  Good thing Jay had to go to commercial.  Can you imagine what Paula had to say off camera? Wondering minds?

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Target's New Designer Is Jason Wu!!

After a long search , I finally found a piece of Missoni for Target that I wanted.  This adorable make-up bag fits everything and only set me back $12.99!! See ya Missoni, it's time for one of the First Ladies favorite designers , Jason Wu to design a collection for Target.  Just in time for spring of 2012, Wu will put out a line of fabulous clothing and accessories.  I hope Target will have a better handle on this one and I am sure Jason's designs will sell fast.  Look for them in early February.  Check out a sneak peek below .
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The Best Nail Colors for Fall 2011

This is how it works: every season, to coincide with New York Fashion Week, paint-matching expert Pantone releases its Fashion Color Report, a comprehensive guide to the top ten colors in women’s fashion.  These are a few of the hottest colors!!  My personal favorites are the purple and green!  Check out more hot fall colors on Pantone's website!
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