Hold the butter....

Paula Deen knows how to work a stick of butter in just about any recipe, but do you like her style? If you said yes, you will be happy to know that Paula is working on a clothing line. Not many details available, but you figure it should have some comfort room to it, since she is the Queen of Southern Fried, Buttered, Sugared and everything else that is SO BAD, BUT YUMMY GOOD EATS!!
 Check out what actor Jonah did to Paula.  Good thing Jay had to go to commercial.  Can you imagine what Paula had to say off camera? Wondering minds?

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More Chocolaty then ever....

3 Musketeers delivers  more chocolate taste than before. I don't know if we can handle more chocolate?!!! BRING IT!!  You can give it the taste test @ The W tomorrow night from 6-8pm!  Right now if you go to MAJIC's facebook page, you can sign up to win a $100 Spa finder gift certificate and a case of the NEW MORE CHOCOLATY 3 MUSKETEERS!  You decide if you want to share. Click here for the  chance at the cool yummy prize pack on the MAJIC Facebook page  
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Grab the Tums for this Top 10 List..

Texas State Fair  made a couple of showings!  Texans all over smile with pride as we grab the  TEXAS SIZED TUMS, and have them ready Sept. 30th- Oct. 23rd. 2011 Top 10  State Fair Foods list (Perez) 10. Chocolate Covered Corn Dog — The Orange County State Fair: Don't waste your time with strawberries! Grab a deep fried hot dog, dip it in chocolate and don't forget to compliment it with rainbow sprinkles! 9. Deep Fried Kool-Aid — San Diego County Fair: We can't explain it any better than the name does, but it looks like this. 8. Deep Fried Butter On A Stick — Iowa State Fair: Apparently this fair wasn't the first to do it, but it was the first we've ever heard of it. It's a stick of butter, stuck with a stick, dipped in batter, then deep fried for three minutes. Don't forget to garnish it with a sweet glaze. 7. Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack — Texas State Fair: It's a chicken strip coated in pancake batter and jalapeno bread crumbs, then deep fried to perfection before being served on a stick. We think the next logical evolution in deep fried foods on sticks is to include edible deep fried sticks! 6. Red Velvet Funnel Cake — Florida State Fair: Red velvet cupcakes are a delicious treat, so naturally we bet red velvet funnel cakes are too! As long as they don't skip out on the cream cheese icing, we'd actually give this a try! It doesn't have a stick though. Bummer! Maybe on the side? 5. El Bananarito — Texas State Fair: Translates to "roll a banana in a flour tortilla, deep fry the whole thing, then top it with whipped cream, powdered sugar, and chocolate sauce." 4. Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Poppers — Minnesota State Fair: Deep fried jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese…then dipped in chocolate? Genius! We're willing to bet these will be coated with a layer of peanuts by 2012. 3. Deep Fried Salsa — Texas State Fair: These bad boys are described as "jalapenos, roasted garlic, onion, tomato, and pepper rolled together, dipped in masa, covered in crumbled tortilla chips, and fried, with queso dip on the side." 2. Breakfast Lollipop –- Minnesota State Fair: It's kinda like a McGriddle with a stick. To be honored as a "breakfast lollipop", a sausage patty must first be dipped in corn muffin batter, deep fried, then covered in maple syrup. 1. Fried Ice Cream Burger — Florida State Fair: Yes, it's that big nasty burger pictured above that made you read this post to begin with. A mouth watering bacon cheeseburger with the works, which includes a scoop of cornflake-battered, deep fried ice cream.
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